Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

What is Workplace Wellness at Community Memorial Hospital?

Workplace Wellness offers employers a comprehensive program tailored to meet the individual needs of each business. Most importantly, our program is designed to maintain employees’ health through wellness, return them to work following an injury, and reduce your healthcare costs. Click here for a printable flyer.

What are the services offered through Workplace Wellness?

  • Pre-employment/post-offer physicals
  • Department of Transportation physicals
  • Annual Physicals
  • Executive Physicals
  • Hearing and Vision Screening
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Functional Capacity Testing
  • Drug Screens
  • Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Jobsite Assessment
  • Minor Office Surgery (suturing, foreign body removal, corneal abrasions etc.)
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
  • Workers Compensation injury treatment
  • Evidential Breath Testing (Blood Alcohol Testing - BAT)
  • Medical Information and Wellness Programs
  • Wellness Exercise Program
  • On-site Vaccination Program
  • On-site Health Fairs

Who is the Physician & staff in charge of Workplace Wellness?

Vasavi Reddy, MD, heads up our Workplace Wellness program. She is supported by our team of physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists, laboratory staff, and physician office staff. Johnathan Haggerty, DC, ATC, our staff chiropractor and athletic trainer, is also an integral part of our Workplace Wellness program.

Functional Capacity Evaluation:

A systematic process of measuring and reporting an injured worker’s functional and physical abilities to perform specific job-related and U.S. Department of Labor Dictionary of Occupational Titles defined work tasks. Standardized equipment and methodologies are used to simulate functional work demands, which gradually increase during the evaluation to determine maximum limits and capabilities.

Ergonomic Assessment:

An identification of the potential risk factors as related to the specific job or occupation. Provision of feasible modifications to reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace are addressed.

Jobsite Assessment:

The collection and interpretation of information relative to a specific job, position, or occupation. The job site analysis identifies the functional job requirements and the work environment for a particular job. This information may be compared to a disabled individual’s ability to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

  • Job functions
  • Job tasks
  • Specific physical demands
  • Aptitudes and interests
  • General education requirements
  • Environmental factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Ergonomic recommendations for modifications to work sites.

Work Injury Treatment:

The sooner an injured worker sees a clinician, the sooner a treatment plan can be developed and recovery can begin. Your injured workers will receive a prompt evaluation, effective treatment, and efficient rehabilitation services. Our goal is the same as yours - get the injured employee healthy and back to work.

Work Conditioning Program:

Work conditioning is a work relevant, intensive, goal-oriented treatment program specifically designed to restore an individual’s strength endurance, movement, flexibility and motor control.

Education Series:

Information for managers, supervisors, and employees is presented on the appropriate academic level of the audience and directed to their specific occupations and environment. The goals of the program are:

  • To increase the awareness of each employee’s role in supporting safe work behaviors and injury prevention.
  • Early identification of job-related risk factors.
  • Facilitate team communication and develops creative solutions to identify problems.
  • To design and instruct individuals and department heads to allow independent follow-through with wellness or flexibility programs.

A new employer program called Passport for Health & Wellness is now being offered to area organizations and companies.  This program focuses on working together to help you take care of your most valuable resource, your workforce.

The Passport Program offers various primary care services to employees for a low monthly fee which allows them visits to any of CMH’s family providers, along with other benefits such as Health Fit Fitness Center membership, annual flu shots, some medications and lab tests included with primary care visits, plus other benefits.

For more detailed information, please call 419-542-8835.

For questions about the Workplace Wellness program, please call Jessica Parrish at 419-542-8835.

To schedule physician office appointments please call 419-542-7718.

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