Dr. Rivero New Hospitalist at CMH

Dr. Rivero New Hospitalist at CMH

Dr. Rowland Rivero, a current member of CMH emergency department physician staff, will be taking on Hospitalist duties at CMH effective March 2018. A hospitalist is a doctor of medicine who specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital.

You may be seen by the Hospitalist if you are admitted to the hospital directly from the Emergency Department, if your primary care physician asks for a consultation, if you do not have a family physician or while you are an inpatient after a surgical procedure. Most hospitalists do not have their own practice or provide follow-up care after discharge from the hospital. Because the hospital is the primary site of the Hospitalist practice they are usually able to spend more time with patients and are readily available when needed.

Advantages of a Hospitalist Program are many, including speeding up admissions and discharges, availability most of the time since they do not have office visits to attend to, quicker evaluation of test results, and better communication of patient’s needs. The Hospitalist will be in consultation with the primary care physician to coordinate care effectively.

Dr Rivero and the hospitalist program will be supported by Dr. Wiley, Dr. Waters and Dr. Wukie so there is no break in coverage.  Dr. Rivero has several years’ experience as a hospitalist and many years of experience in the ER at CMH.



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